ENTRY FROM: 2016 Top Health Promotion Professionals

Nominee: Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA

It Takes a Community

Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA has 40 years experience in health care from the bedside to CEO in a fluctuating health care environment. In 2002 Cindy founded C2 Your Health LLC to inspire healthy living around the world one person at a time.. C2 Your Health LLC is rooted in the belief good health is good for you, smart for your business and vital to your community.

The need for an evidence based, results oriented, affordable, wellness programs was just beginning to be recognized as vital components of wellness programming. This is where Cindy and the team at C2 Your Health LLC found their niche. Health coaching focusing on health improvement results were demonstrated through a strategic partnership with the Michiana American Heart Association where Cindy and her team provided health coaching with a twist. The focus would be on gaining measurable health improvement results within 12 weeks including the participants perceived improved health outcomes.

The current belief is health improvement happens in small increments over a 3 year period or more. Cindy set out to demonstrate that health improvement and the perception of improved health can begin within 30 days with the right culture, engagement and programming. C2 Your Health LLC employs approximately 25 seasonal & special event staff.

Over the years Cindy has developed an award winning business proving wellness can quickly be profitable and fun. Cindy was nominated WSBT-TV Success Story of the Year, Top 10 in Business Development and Indiana Small Business Tax Credit plus she helped other local business quality for this program. This is Cindy's second nomination for the 100 Top Health Professional award. In 2015 she received recognition by Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of the City of South Bend for her wellness contribution to the community.

Cindy is a published author for 6 books the latest being Prevention Benefits, Healthy Employees Cost Less and What's on Your Plate a Simple Guide to Healthy Cooking. Cindy is committed to professional growth and deserves consideration for the being a top promotion professional..

Cindy Cohen RN, Certified Health Coach, Wellness Consultant


Cindy’s lifelong passion is to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible. Cindy began at the bedside, quickly understanding the real work is in disease prevention. Cindy continues her education with a focus on health coaching and wellness consulting while holding the position Qualified National Marketing Director with The Juice Plus+ Company.  

Cindy is very proud to have completed the WELCOA Faculty and WELCOA certification. The WELCOA 7 Benchmarks have been critical in transitioning to evidence based, results oriented wellness practices. Cohen is an avid blogger and wellness script writer. 


A big concern in promoting health and wellness is how to identify then implement programs, initiatives that engage others to take responsibility for their health. The first step is for people to understand it’s their responsibility to take charge of their health. Once this happens health improvement doesn’t three years it happens in a matter of weeks.  

For example, the belief historically has been health improvement can take up to 3 years. This belief causes a disinterest in putting dollars in to workplace wellness. There is a general concern about what will happen with the changes in the health care environment.

Cindy’s team found health improvement can be demonstrated in as little as 12 weeks. The health impact was measured by how many day of work missed, insurance usage and productivity. When this happens companies and organizations are more likely to invest in their employees. In partnership with the American Heart Association it was demonstrated 100% of those who participated reported they were able to sustain healthy eating practices, activity levels and continued healthy lifestyle changes 6 months following the program.

Great news the outcomes from this program exceed the 2012 RAND Study which demonstrated 50% improvement in health status.  Statistically this is what happened:

  • 100% lowered blood pressure
  • 84% lowered total cholesterol
  • 98% body mass index
  • 75% lowered, low density cholesterol (LDL, “bad”)
  • 89% lower percentage of body fat

Another company reduced their sick days by 75% in 12 months, doctor visits reduced from total 29 to 6 visits (averaging 1.7 per person) and OTC medications from total of 56 to 20 (averaging 3.29 per person).

For the above companies we found the intervention that works the best is individual coaching with group encouragement and support.  However, for some companies and organizations a health fair was a good kick off, to identify areas of general health interest. In a preferred partnership with a local chamber organization, member businesses were encouraged to start up wellness activities and were recognized for any effort towards wellness.  

For example a 1st level award  is presented to businesses that are just getting started encouraging, educating and supporting health and wellness activities for themselves, their employees and support staff. The 2nd level award is for businesses who already have wellness programing going but want to increase participation.

All of the WELCOA 7 Benchmarks are critical to positive health outcomes. Just like each of the spokes on a bike wheel are necessary for the wheels of the bike to equally support the rider, each of the 7 benchmarks are equally important to support programing that creates an engaged company producing a healthy bottom line at work and at home.    


Inspiring healthy living is Cindy’s mission and passion. Everyone who meets Cindy learns some new strategy to get healthier. The message is you get healthy, help others get healthy and together we create a healthier community. How does Cindy walk the talk? On any given day she is modeling healthy living behaviors, teaching others what she has learned to improve her own health as well as others by utilizing social media, workshops and seminars. You will see her regularly at community health walks, fairs and her Expo for Women spreading the message of good health and encouraging others to be ambassadors of healthy living sharing what they learn with their friends and family anyone can get healthier by making one simple healthy lifestyle change each month.

Cindy’s best advice to build credibility and leadership status is to attend WELCOA educational programs, get WELCOA certified, attend professional wellness and leadership conferences, stay current and write a book.


In health coaching the popular model is focused on personalized behavior change. When C2 Your Health used this model the average participants health improvement score outperformed the 2012 RAND Study by 30%.

To improve outcomes a personalized wellness vision was constructed including the participants close relationships resulting in a community of health. The highest long term improvements were seen in this group.

The health improvements began within a 30 – 60 day window, 100% eating more fruits and vegetables, making better food choices and increased awareness of lifestyle choices. 90% reported feeling more alert, energized and productive.

The big idea is within the health coaching format develop a since of inclusiveness through a community of relationships, all having the same vision of health and wellness. This happens when the participant learns health strategies then shares what they learned within their community of relationships. This moves health coaching to a new level. 


The biggest threat is the uncertainty of our health care system. This national health crisis is creating skepticism surrounded by the hidden agendas of physicians, hospitals and drug companies. Rising medical expenses and mandatory health insurance are creating the perfect storm for mounting distrust in our current health care system and everything that goes into it.

The opportunity is people are starting to see, their wellness is in their hands. With a clear understanding of no one will take care of you like you do, people are looking for self-care solutions like never before.

Over this past year Cindy has spear-headed teams of like-minded individuals and companies to meet then develop strategic partnerships focusing on developing healthy communities within the workplace, organizations, associations, and churches. Over the next 5 years people will be building bridges to better health as a grass roots movement and we’ll be there.  

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Cindy Cohen RN, Certified Health Coach, Wellness Consultant
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Cindy C.
Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA has 40 years experience in health care from the bedside to CEO. As a wellness consultant, certified health coach, Cohen is the guiding force behind C2 Your Health LLC and an industry leader helping companies find wellness solutions to fit their specific culture with an injection of fun focusing on employee engagement. Cohen is a sought after national speaker and an accomplished author. Since 2002 Cohen has been promoting community events, workplace initiatives and grass roots wellness seminars. In 2015 she received recognition by Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of the City of South Bend for her wellness contribution to the community. View Cindy C.'s Profile.
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