DISH is where your big ideas can become winning ideas! DISH is all about competition, learning and recognizing the best of the best. By being a part of DISH, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the world of health promotion. Read what others are DISHING out about the industry's best practices, new ideas, and innovative thoughts, share your thoughts by voting for the best entries or DISH out your own ideas and reap the rewards. Winners are chosen by a panel of industry leaders.

How DISH Works

1. Submit

Read about the current contest. Fill out the entry form to get started, and you're quickly on your way! If you don't have a DISH or WELCOA account, don't worry—you'll have the opportunity to get all set up during the process. It only takes a few minutes.

2. Vote

Want to show support for the best entries? You can give entries 1 to 5 stars or share your thoughts by writing a comment. Because WELCOA values the insights of DISH users and the health promotion community, the top voted entries will make it to the semifinals along with any other applicants who were able to respond to all judging criteria. Weigh in on who you think has the most exciting and innovative ideas for health promotion!

3. Win

A judging panel of experts will score all semifinalists using the predetermined set of criteria posted on the competition page. After rounds of judging are over, the winners will be contacted personally so they can claim their reward. Winners will be showcased as the very best!!


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