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The vision for DISH was to create an opportunity for health promotion practitioners to share their ideas, successes, and latest innovations with others and at the same time get the well-deserved recognition both within the wellness community and the organization(s) they serve. So often, incredible stories go untold and our hope was that if they are shared with the world that they could serve as an inspiration to all.

What's the application process?

To be eligible, contestants must be currently creating, coordinating, and maintaining ongoing health promotion programs. Specific criteria include: professional development, demonstrated program success, leadership, innovation, and a compelling vision.

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How long will it take me to apply?

It really depends on how much information you are willing to provide. Keep in mind; the more you are willing to share the easier it will be for others to see the full impact of your wellness efforts. Videos and pictures are always a plus.

How are the winners selected?

Entries will be assessed using the rubric noted above by a panel of industry experts along with votes awarded by their peers. While votes are important, they make up only one component of the judging criteria.

Do I have to have the most votes to win?

The short answer is - no. The voting process is just one aspect of the contest and votes are not required to be considered a finalist.

How does DISH work?

DISH is where your big ideas can become winning ideas! DISH is all about competition, learning and recognizing the best of the best. By being a part of DISH, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the world of health promotion. Read what others are DISHING out about the industry's best practices, new ideas, and innovative thoughts, then vote for the best entries or DISH out your own ideas and reap the rewards.

What happens to my information?

Your information is stored on WELCOA's servers for the purpose of voting, scoring, judging and winner announcement. We may even spotlight your entry on!

What if I need to make changes to my entry?

You may save your entry as many times as you'd like before final submission. During this process, you can edit your entry by going to your profile page. All saved entries are stored in the Saved Entries section just below your profile bio and photo. However, after submitting your entry, edits can no longer be made in order to preserve the integrity of the voting and judging processes. Requests for minor corrections such as spelling can be made by contacting

What if I need to contact someone?

If you have questions about anything regarding your entry, you may contact us at

Where can I go to get more information?

Check out for more information about WELCOA and it's products and services including WELCOA membership. WELCOA membership is only $1/day, and it provides the ultimate in resources in deploying results-oriented wellness programs in your organization.



WELCOA has become one of the most respected resources for workplace wellness in America. With a membership in excess of 5,000 organizations, WELCOA is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all working Americans.

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