ENTRY FROM: The Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals

Nominee: Lisa Kelly

Creating Healthy Workplaces… One Ambassador, One Employer at a Time!

Hello, my name is Lisa Kelly and I am a wellness enthusiast with over 25 years combined experience in workplace wellness development, health coaching, and corporate training. With a deep-rooted passion for workplace wellness, employee development, and international business, I formed Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc., an international workplace wellness and corporate training company based in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2013, I established an international associate group of talented Workplace Wellness Consultants and Health Coaches to help guide and support the creation of a global Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Program (WWAP).

This year, I was honored to have been featured on the cover of’s Personal Excellence magazine for my article, “Perfecting the Art of Active Listening” and most humbled to have received the Malcolm Connell Award of Merit for my work as VP of Education with the Aimcrier’s Toastmaster Club.

Professional Development

As a wellness enthusiast, lifelong learner, and adult educator, I have completed and/or acquired certification in the following:

  • Master’s Degree in Adult Education
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • WELCOA’s Faculty Member, (Wellness Council of America)
  • Certified Corporate Health and Wellness Specialist, CHWA
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Diploma)
  • Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Certified Professional Cancer Coach
  • Touch for Health Practitioner
  • Base Allergy Therapy Specialist
  • Certified Smoking Cessation Facilitator
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • Consulting Skills for Professionals
  • “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” Facilitator

Innovation, Leadership & Demonstrated Success

As an International Workplace Wellness Consultant my mission is to support the global exchange and development of workplace wellness best practises.  To facilitate such, I conceptualized and developed KWC and the following programs and services with the support of my talented associates.

Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.

We are a global provider of online and onsite workplace wellness training and consulting services. KWC’s mission is to help bridge the gap between employee wellness and productivity. From our Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Program to our future Executive Wellness Coaching program, we deliver innovative and affordable programs that foster employee engagement and higher performing workplaces. 

KWC International Associate Group

KWC International Associate Group is an advisory group of workplace wellness consultants and health coaches located in Canada and the United States. This amazing group of workplace wellness and health coaching professionals (profiled within has been instrumental in helping direct and establish KWC’s global workplace wellness objectives and initiatives.

Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Program (WWAP)

An innovative, globally delivered program featuring online/onsite training in workplace wellness design and delivery.  Ambassadors receive tactical training and follow-up support in leading workplace wellness teams and initiatives. Our interactive, facilitator-led program provides a supportive and cost-effective approach to developing healthy and productive workplaces. 

WWAP program objectives and modules were inspired by and developed around WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks including: marketing strategies to foster CEO Champions and support; client-focused needs assessments, wellness solutions and evaluations; and employee-centered wellness campaigns to help create supportive, healthy work cultures. 

This comprehensive and innovative program addresses a variety of workplace wellness development and training needs for:  wellness coordinators/assistants; HR, EAP, admin employees; health and wellness coaches; and wellness enthusiasts.

Our WWAP certification program is particularly designed for those passionate about:

  • creating healthy, vibrant, high performing workplaces
  • sharing global workplace wellness best practises
  • leading workplace wellness programs as a Workplace Wellness Coordinator /Assistant, Team Leader or Independent Wellness Consultant
  • a Workplace Wellness Certification based on expert-led training/coaching in innovative, results-oriented workplace wellness solutions

Program features include:

  • Live, interactive, online and onsite training facilitated by workplace wellness experts
  • Limited program enrollments, interactive online discussions
  • Workplace Wellness Toolkit: case studies, wellness campaign resources, assessments, posters, employee handouts, brandable newsletters, Lunch & Learn presentations, etc.
  • Program Coaching Support: Q&A emails; Facebook chat group for continued learning and development during and after program; brandable /customizable monthly newsletters; access to workplace wellness advisors for ongoing support
  • WWAP Certification Project – small group wellness campaign projects that are shared among Ambassadors for future workplace application
  • WWAP Certification, “Employees in Motion” certificate and employer/ industry recognition
  • Preferred pricing of KWC and affiliate wellness programs, services and resources

Employees in Motion: A Global Workplace Wellness Movement

A global initiative to recognize employer participation in KWC’s Ambassador Program and their efforts in creating healthy and productive workplaces.

This movement is intended to reinforce the importance and benefits of: creating healthy, vibrant and productive work cultures; develop Forward Thinking – Forward Moving employees/organizations; and promote global learning and growth opportunities that enable the expansion of workplace wellness initiatives across all corners of the globe.

Employees in Motion recognition is bestowed upon employers having: participated in the WWAP program (via internal Ambassador training or external Wellness Ambassador consulting services) and initiated the development of healthy workplaces through such.  Employers earning this designation will be recognized by way of an Employees in Motion certificate that when displayed, will serve to foster continued workplace wellness efforts by employers/employees and through KWC’s Employers in Motion website database.

Workplace Effectiveness Leadership

Through client-centered workshops, KWC is aspiring to become a leader in workplace effectiveness training and development.  Through our “Vibrant and Healthy Workplace Model”, we have demonstrated the importance of integrating wellness practises with operational mandates and growth objectives towards creating healthier work cultures and higher-performing employees.  In a recent government Workplace Effectiveness Workshop, KWC demonstrated by way of workshop activities, creative ideas for melding and cultivating wellness into operational practises to enhance workplace effectiveness. Activities involving interactive team building, working smarter not harder, healthy work practices, fitness exercises and group meditation were met with great enthusiasm and involvement by management and employees alike.

Global Online Learning Community:  “Spirituality at Work” and KWC “Wellness Ambassadors” Facebook groups

Our goal is to create a global online learning community through the ongoing development and moderation of these social media groups. Our hope is to unite and foster global workplace wellness ideas, discussions, and resource sharing among workplace wellness enthusiasts, providers, consultants and health coaches. Our “Spirituality at Work” group members from across the globe actively share ideas and best practices for creating and promoting healthy workplaces.  As many Health Coaches gravitate to Facebook for marketing and discussion groups, Spirituality at Work, provides a valuable discussion forum to complement LinkedIn and other workplace wellness groups. Our KWC “Wellness Ambassadors” Facebook group facilitates online sharing of ideas and resources among Ambassador Trainees, alumni, program facilitators and guest presenters.    

Compelling Vision

KWC’s vision is global unification, sharing and development of workplace wellness best practises that help create healthy, motivated and productive workforces. We aim to manifest this vision through cost-effective, grass roots, employee-driven wellness initiatives.

Through purpose-driven, global-oriented initiatives such as our…

  • International Associate Group
  • Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program
  • Employees in Motion Global Workplace Wellness Movement
  • Workplace Effectiveness Leadership Program
  • Spirituality at Work and Wellness Ambassadors Facebook groups

… we are committing our efforts to the growth and development of healthy workplaces, “One Ambassador, One employer at a time”.

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Lisa has the smarts and the connections to do the work effectively Leslie Milthorpe Wellness Entrepreneur www. MyHealthAbility.CA

Leslie M. on 10/29/2014

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