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Nominee: Norma T. Hollis

Global Authenticity Movement

Norma T. Hollis has a BA in in early childhood development, MA in organizational leadership and is a Board Certified Coach. While spending twenty years directing early childhood programs, Norma recognized that care-givers often needed healthier mindset and behavior role-modeling behaviors. As a result, she spent decades studying this concern through independent study, seminars, classes and observation. She has been honored as a Woman Making a Difference by the Los Angeles Business Journal, Entrepreneur and National Collaborator of the year, received numerous early childhood awards and recognition from the United States House of Representatives, County of Los Angeles, and others.

Authenticity Movement: Assessment- Integrity 1

There are nine dimensions of authenticity. This brief video shares information on one of the dimensions - Integrity.

Norma writes and implements programs for human development with a focus on personal, professional and spiritual well-being. Her most notable program is the Authentic Voice System with its signature Authenticity Grid and Authenticity Assessment. This program assesses strengths and vulnerabilities in nine energies that represent the foundational ‘spirit’ of both individuals and organizations. The process of intervention is a combination of workbooks, audios, group coaching and individual coaching.

Norma’s major contribution to society is her signature Authenticity Grid and Authenticity Assessment. These tools have been described as ‘ever expanding’, ‘life-changing’ and ‘foundation for healthy decision-making’. The tools have been applied to personal and organizational development as well as to parents of young children to impact the well-being of children, preferably in the early childhood years.

When working with clients it is never known which of the nine energies will most impact the client. Examples of our impact include:

Health status improvements:

Weight reduction as a result of (a) gaining more self-esteem which reduces the desire to eat or (b) ‘tweaking’ one thing in eating habits that result is the reduction of weight.

Behavior change:

Career redirection such as occurred with Diana, a new retiree who was unsure of how to structure her retired life given she had no husband or children. Through authenticity intervention Diana strengthened her relationship with self and now operates a non-profit that delivers fresh farmer food to seniors in Phoenix.

Culture change

Organizational growth such as Paul’s insurance business which improved once Paul impacted the energy of intuition. By increasing his ability to ‘listen’ to himself he embraced a new partnership that improved the financial health of his company, improved his own health and positively impacted the well-being of his team.

Three of the seven Benchmarks are impacted as follows:

1.Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams

Within the Global Authenticity Movement is a cohesive wellness team to impact the well-being of individuals and organizations. The team is composed of a Health Executive, Naturopathic Physician, Health Educator, RN and Wellness Coach.

2. Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts

Data is collected from the Authenticity Assessment. The results assist to examine the strengths and vulnerabilities in the nine energies within individuals and organizations. The assessment is administered pre-, during and post- intervention and the results are used to craft individual and group coaching programs to enhance well-being.

3. Creating a Supportive Environment

Assisting individuals to recognize that ‘tweaking’ one aspect of their vulnerable energy can enhance their home and work environment, perspective of self and overall well-being. For organizations the focus is teamwork, mutual respect and cooperation which drives supportive work environments.

Known as ‘Ms. Authenticity’, Norma practices what she teaches. Due to taking antibiotics for over 40 years Norma has modified all aspects of her diet and teaches others how to choose carefully selected food that is authentic for one’s personal health needs, and to modify them with age. Also, after experiencing almost a dozen surgeries/procedures, Norma helps others gain calm in the face of medical or other emergencies which can impact well-being. Finally, Norma maintains an optimistic perspective which greatly contributes to well-being. This is one of her major areas of teaching.

She has become a leader due to diligent development of the tools, committing five years to experiential testing of the results, certifying others, speaking and coaching. Such a commitment will designate one not only a leader but also a trailblazer.

Advise to others - Follow your inner guide, be open with others, conduct yourself as a role-model and put the needs of others before your own when it comes to helping them be their authentic self.

The Authenticity Grid is an innovative tool that raises self-awareness and impacts society in three important ways:

1. Development of the Authenticity Grid – Identification and structure of nine energies that contribute to overall well-being

  • Provides new perspectives to understand self and guidelines to modify life for improved Net Wellness
  • Gives people permission to be themselves
  • Drives personal  change which impacts culture at home and work

2. Applying the Grid to Authentic Leadership

  • Gives leaders a tool to align their conscious and voice
  • Enables leaders to discover behaviors that promote positive transformation within their teams
  • Application of the tools company-wide can shift organizational culture

3. Applying the Grid to Parenting

  • Gives parents tools to raise their children promoting natural gifts and talents –a foundation for well-being
  • Embracing the tools at an early age helps shape authentic behavior
  • Promotes a family culture of acceptance and authenticity

Authenticity is an important concept in today’s society. The system Norma developed is clearly innovative and its impact on society is ever expanding. Norma’s vision for the Health Promotion industry is aligned with her vision for authenticity.

A big threat of many new industries, ideas, and organizations within society is the struggle to stay authentic. As with all new entities, there is the struggle to identify itself and find its place in the larger culture. In the process, unexpected obstacles are encountered. How an organization faces these obstacles paves the path for ‘what’ the organization becomes.

The opportunity is to continue to be an innovative role model.

In the next five years the Authenticity Grid and related programs will be introduced to multiple industries worldwide. ‘Authenticity’ will be introduced as a health promotion concept.


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Authenticity Grid
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Norma H.
Norma T. Hollis is a prolific, multi-gifted, transformational artist who expresses herself as a trainer, speaker and coach. She channels her passionate belief in the human spirit into programs and practices that help people find, live and share the spirit that lives within. As America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma uses her unique gift of discovering practical application to complex ideas to bring new perspectives to challenges that face individuals, organizations and society as a whole. Her work builds healthy mindsets, expands purpose and creates practices that produce healthy, productive and authentic contributors to society. View Norma H.'s Profile.
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Norma Hollis has a Gift that is unique and desired by most people--to live a more Authentic life. She has honed her talents and uses them to positively serve people who long to become more Authentic. I do believe that Norma will be able to reach more people on a larger scale as she continues to move forward with the mission of teaching others the sustainable life-wellness benefits of becoming a more Authentic person. Thank you, Norma ~~Camille Mitchell

Camille M. on 11/23/2014

Norma is an amazing person and it's always a pleasure to be with her! She is a living example of what she teaches, and since I'm an expert in non-verbal communication I can testify she is truly herself, very authentic!!!

Patryk W. on 11/06/2014

Norma T. Hollis is a creative genius and one the greatest teachers I've ever had in my life.

Kimberly T. on 11/05/2014

Norma is true to her purpose! Witnessing her movement and position has been a phenomenal joy and I look forward to being present for the rapid growth of all that she is implementing

Marshell G. on 11/05/2014

Love Norma and her commitment. She is an excellent teacher and she walks her talk. Queen

Rev. Dr. Queen Adwoa N. on 11/02/2014

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