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Nominee: Adeline Driscoll

Eat Better, Move More, Stay Well

Adeline Driscoll is a Senior Account Executive, Program Manager and Wellness Coach at StayWell, a population health management company based in St. Paul, Minnesota with more than 400 employees.
For over 17 years, Adeline has held a variety of roles in the health, wellness and fitness field earning a reputation for being a compassionate and effective wellness coach, designing innovative programs, building strong wellness champion networks, garnering leadership support from all stakeholder groups and contributing to the professional growth and development of colleagues. Currently dedicated to the American Express account and working onsite at our client location in Phoenix, Adeline is responsible for strategic planning, implementation of programs, managing seven onsite coaching staff who are located throughout the United States and delivering individually tailored wellness coaching to those directly in her location.

Adeline Driscoll

Professional Development:

With a B.A. in Communications, my pathway to wellness is unique.  In 1997, certified by the American Council on Exercise and co-owner of a personal training studio, my journey began spurring my passion to help others improve their health. A continuous learner and veracious reader, I’ve completed courses, workshops and certificate programs. My work experience on the American Express account and my Wellcoaches certification are most valuable.  Understanding behavior change is imperative to creative and effective program design.

American Express’ program locally won: Phoenix Business Journal’s Healthiest Employer (2013), Phoenix Tour de Cure Corporate Team and Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award.

Demonstrated Success:

Years of working with individuals gives me great insight into the uniqueness of each person. When designing programs at the population level, I consider interventions that will be effective for a diverse group and consider the culture of the organization creating programs with “something for everyone”.

I include three elements: awareness, education and behavior change.

I continue to focus on helping employees eat better, move more, shift their mindset and feel supported – key elements in improving overall health and well-being.  This more holistic approach allows an individual to begin making small shifts in one or more areas at any given time.  80% of employees have participated in at least one program.

Completion of health assessments, biometric screenings, physical exams, fitness assessments, etc. provide awareness.

Eat Better:  cooking classes, at work delivery of local/organic produce, individual nutrition coaching, Weight Watchers at Work®
Move More: company-wide pedometer based activity campaign, activity center classes lead by certified instructors; walking path; walk, run and cycle teams
Shift Mindset: meditation and visualization workshops; tai’chi and yoga classes; education on stress management and resilience; wellness coaching; counseling resources
Feel Supported: creating a workplace culture of health & wellness; strong champion networks, peer support groups; team experiences and expert staff support

One key initiative was to increase physical activity.  Along with a large pedometer based activity program, we have robust cycling and walk/run teams.  We saw a 5.3% decrease in physical activity risk for behavior change program participants.

American Diabetes Tour de Cure - An employee who was an avid cyclist initially made the request to start a corporate team to participate in the Phoenix Tour de Cure. While we had the support of our Wellness Committee it was more difficult to get corporate approval. With the launch of an onsite diabetes education program a senior leader saw the correlation between what we were teaching (learn about the disease, become more active, find support groups) to the Tour de Cure’s objective and mission.  We had our first $5,000 sponsorship.  I, as the wellness coach, felt obligated to join the team and purchased my first bike, and joined employees in a life changing experience!  We encouraged employees – beginners though advanced – to join our team.  We provided training, instruction, encouragement and support. We expanded our reach to include families and friends – we changed lives!

The outcomes went well beyond what we imagined.  Year one, we had over 90 team members and a dedicated team captain/coach. We raised funds ($48,000), became more active, created peer support groups and bonded as colleagues. We shared life changing personal stories.  Year two we had $20, 000 in corporate sponsorships in 4 markets. Now, we have $40,000 in sponsorship with more than 200 employees participating in our “new” National Team raising over $100,000.  We have ongoing leadership support and participation.

 We have a similar grass roots initiative for a walk/run team participating in community events. Employees exercise regularly together now and want more.


I take a moderate and realistic approach to healthy living.  I personally enjoy a variety of activities including hiking, biking, walking, gardening, cooking and reading. I share these interests with family, friends and clients. I served as Slow Food in Schools chairperson for Slow Food Phoenix.  In the workplace I provide lists of farmers markets, organize weekly deliveries of fresh produce and schedule cooking classes.

I’ve made difficult choices, faced changes and shifted mindset.  I learn every day – from my clients, colleagues and industry members. I rely on coaches and mentors to grow in my own practice.

I mentor other coaches. I share best practices with colleagues and leverage the tremendous resources and expertise at StayWell. I bring compassion to my role and put people first.  I feel privileged to share someone’s personal journey to healthier living.

Continue to learn as much as you can from colleagues and from clients. Everyone has a story – every story has meaning.


Onsite staff (program managers and wellness coaches) is part of a comprehensive wellness strategy. StayWell has 70 onsite staff at client locations.  Trained professionals with a variety of health backgrounds, our team provides a level of expertise that positively influences program design, allows for customization based on business culture/ demographics and provides a “face” to the program. This enhances the overall client relationship and has a direct impact on the employee experience.

Onsite, I make programming fun and accessible to everyone.  Hosting events such as a Fun Fitness, Fabulous Food Happy Hour, Summer of Health Beach Party (in the desert) and a Fall Family Health & Safety Fair create positive energy and excitement.

Participant satisfaction rates exceeded 95% across all program components.  Population health risk reduction for the overall program ranged from 7% - 8.5% for those that participated in Health Assessments and programming.

Compelling Vision:

The increased level of stress, a focus on weight loss through dieting, and an increase in the use of pharmaceutical solutions to manage stress, pain, and disease are the biggest threats to our health and well-being.  This also presents the greatest opportunity for our industry’s holistic focus on lifestyle change through eating better, moving more and shifting mindset. These interventions can be the best and least costly “prescription” for many lifestyle diseases.

In the next 5 years, I seek to take part in advisory groups and provide strategic planning for population health management programs that will focus on mindset, engagement and empowerment – helping individuals find intrinsic motivation to improve self-care and make healthier choices.  I envision an increase in onsite staff, interactive educational opportunities and peer support groups – people need people, community and connection.

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Adeline has helped me so much with overall health: exercise, weight management, breathing (I have COPD) and how to stay active. She has encouraged me and helped me achieve one of my biggest goals which was to climb 1.2 miles up to Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park. I had never hiked until a couple of years ago so that was a HUGE accomplishment for me and I could not have done it without Adeline's coaching and support.

Diana W. on 10/24/2014

I admire Adeline for her experience, dedication, and professionalism. She is a role model and strong representative of what it means to lead by example in the health promotion industry.

Sarah M. on 10/22/2014

Adeline has an infectious enthusiasm for healthy living! Her genuine interest in you as a whole person is reflected in her listening skills, practical application of healthy living lifestyles and positive encouragement. It is a regular site to see her interacting throughout the campus with employees, looking for opportunities to share health and wellness resources available to employees. She is truely a "healthy living wellness coach" and I am so proud to know her, work with her on projects and refer other employees, this wonderful opportunit,y to gleen from her wealth of knowledge, passion and experience.

Dee P. on 10/21/2014

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