ENTRY FROM: The Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals

Nominee: Anissa Chadick

Innovation is not the result of chance; it is the result of action.

Anissa Chadick is the System Director of Employee Wellness for INTEGRIS Health, the largest provider of health care in the state of Oklahoma. In her role, Anissa has strategic and operational responsibilities for wellness throughout the entire system. INTEGRIS Health is a not-for-profit health system with 10 hospitals, numerous other facilities, clinics and over 9,000 employees across Oklahoma. Anissa’s nearly 20 years of experience guides her in continuing to breaking ground on innovative techniques in order to further INTEGRIS’s culture of wellness. Anissa fulfills WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks and it shows through in the success of her employee wellness programming. Through her hard work and dedication to the INTEGRIS Health System and to Oklahoma, it is readily apparent that Anissa always strives to live the INTEGRIS mission, which is “To improve the health of the people and the communities we serve”.


Anissa received a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health from the University of Central Oklahoma. She was hired at PACER Fitness Center after completing her internship. She worked her way up the ranks to become a Wellness Supervisor. She then became a Wellness Supervisor for INTEGRIS Health. With an incomparable vision, she worked her way up again through positions that had not previously been held to become the first ever System Director of Employee Wellness for all of the INTEGRIS Health System.

Anissa has served on the Oklahoma Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. She was the recipient of the Oklahoma Hospital Association’s Spirit Award. She also has a certification in Coaching Healthy Behaviors and is a Certified Health Promotion Director from The Cooper Institute.

She has extensive experience in design, coordination and implementation of comprehensive wellness programs. She has an excellent ability to organize and develop the most effective health screenings, health risk assessments and health improvement programs. She also possesses essential skills in behavior change strategies, program evaluation and promotion.   


Realizing the need for robust incentives in INTEGRIS’s employee wellness program, Anissa was approved to incorporate a “preferred pricing” method in regards to employees’ annual insurance premium for those who participate in the program. This means that employees are initially awarded a premium reduction of $550 annually if they complete a health risk assessment, health screening and well visit with their physician. If their screening results meet the wellness program goals, they automatically receive an additional $250 wellness dollars. If their results do not meet the wellness program goals they can complete an INTEGRIS health improvement program that specifically addresses the value that needs to improve and they are rewarded the additional $250 wellness dollars. These health improvement programs are offered at no cost to employees. After implementing this preferred pricing model participation levels shot from 35% to 75%.

Largely due to Anissa's dedication and vision, the INTEGRIS Health system has received the Certificate of Excellence from the Central Oklahoma Turning Point's “Certified Healthy Business” program since 2007. It has been recognized by WELCOA with the Well Workplace Bronze Award in 2004 and Gold Award in 2006.  


Anissa’s leadership completely fulfills all of WELCOA’s seven benchmarks.

CEO Support: Anissa has an innate ability to motivate senior leadership and employees across all departments to become more aware of their health and the health of the organization. For INTEGRIS’s annual wellness summits she consistently gathers a large group of employees and senior leaders, whose main job is not wellness, to spend the entire day brainstorming and strategizing about wellness.
Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams: Aside from having an entire wellness department, Anissa has at least one dedicated wellness champion at every hospital in the INTEGRIS system who reports updates, delivers program messaging and motivates employee participation.
Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts: INTEGRIS’s wellness program has been implemented for many years and therefore has a vast amount of biometric and health risk assessment data to track changes over time.
Carefully Crafting an Operating Plan: Anissa take a system-wide approach with wellness initiatives. Every hospital regardless of size is offered with the same programs, benefits, and policies with various implementations in order to accommodate each size of hospital.
Choosing Appropriate Interventions: Anissa and her employee wellness department analyze data from the previous year to determine the most effective way to increase a healthy culture of wellness across the INTEGRIS Health System.
Creating a Supportive Environment: The health insurance preferred pricing model, comprehensive Employee Assistance Program benefits, and free wellness screenings and health improvement classes are what set INTEGRIS’s employee wellness programming apart from the rest.
Carefully Evaluating Outcomes: In addition to evaluating biometric and health risk assessment data each year, this data is presented with the INTEGRIS Executive Leadership Team with proposals on possible modifications for the next year.


Anissa has influenced INTEGRIS’s Executive Leadership Team to add a remarkable and comprehensive wellness component to every hospital President’s scorecard. The new executive scorecard criterion states that each of the 10 hospitals throughout INTEGRIS must meet an “A” grade in four different wellness components from nationally recognized wellness assessments provided by WorkHealthy America℠. These four components include Culture of Wellness, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Tobacco-Freedom. Employee wellness is a staple in INTEGRIS’s corporate strategic plan and gets re-evaluated on an annual basis.

With the help of the INTEGRIS employee wellness department, Anissa created and implemented comprehensive wellness programs that are available at no cost to employees, family members and the community. These programs focus on behavior change for positive long-term effects. This is yet another example of how she is incorporating the INTEGRIS Health mission throughout wellness.

Anissa is also known for keeping what could normally be taxing meetings fun and interactive. Incorporating the “sitting is the new smoking” mentality, she always asks meeting participants to stand for even a brief amount of time during her meetings. The annual day-long wellness summits are broken up by activities throughout the day to keep participants stimulated and productive.

Anissa’s vision for wellness encompasses all dimensions of wellness. Notably, she focuses on the aspects of WELCOA’s framework for the new direction in wellness: the alignment between People, Purpose and Place. She feels a dire need to provide continuous and effective support for emotional wellness to employees and their families.  


Anissa’s vision of a system approach to wellness is like none other.  INTEGRIS is committed to creating a system-wide wellness policy in order to empower employees to take charge of their health. As always, Anissa wanted to keep employees involved in the decision-making process and therefore listened to feedback from all wellness champions in all different departments across the INTEGRIS Health System in order to create a well versed and applicable policy. She has an exceptional talent for seeing potential opportunities and filling in gaps. In keeping with the INTEGRIS mission she also speaks at different events and coalitions across the state in order to educate participants about the INTEGRIS Employee Wellness program and to offer advice and/or resources to other wellness professionals. 

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I can think of no one more deserving of this award than Anissa!

Sara B. on 10/24/2014

Congratulations to Anissa! Well deserved :)

Bonnie H. on 10/23/2014

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