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Nominee: Melissa Bodi


Since becoming a Registered Nurse in 1995 I have gained experience working in variety of nursing specialties including home health care, school nursing, and as an Ambulatory Care Nurse. These specialties have lead me to a career in 2012 as a Registered Nurse and Master Health Coach for Choose Health at Sargent and Associates. We are a small employee-Health, Wellness and Loss Prevention company where I my responsibilities include holding a position as a Master Health Coach for our company in addition to three additional companies, while managing four health coaches.

Speaking at the 2014 WWCMA Conference

Professional Development:  Proudly in 1995 I begun a career as a Registered Nurse which enabled me to hold positions as Ambulatory Care Nurse, Home Health Nurse, and School Nurse.  In 2012 I began a career as a Wellness Nurse and Master Health Coach. Additional certifications include:

• WELCOA Faculty Status  2012
• Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist (CWWS) designation- pending 2014
• WELCOA Eat Right For Life National Certification - pending 2014

Being a Registered Nurse is my most valuable professional development.   I feel that the WELCOA training series that lead me to earn WELCOA Faculty status was instrumental in my education as a Master Health Coach.

Demonstrated Success:  I have always been involved in promoting health and wellness by working as a Registered Nurse.  My nursing experience and interest in promoting health and wellness lead me to a position where I became instrumental in the establishment of the first Nurse Clinic at a major health facility.  Part of my job responsibilities included development of policies and protocols governing nurse visits.  I served as resource and clinical expert during expansion of Nurse Clinic from a small operation offering injections and BP checks through growth to providing detailed, one hour consults to review lifestyle, medication and health goals.

As the Master Health Coach for Choose Health at Sargent and Associates, I am proud to report our company has an 85% participation rate with our health and wellness program and that we have earned the 2014 Boston Business Journal’s Healthiest Employer for small business category.  As a result of this award, I was invited to speak at the 3rd Annual 2014 WWCMA Conference on September 19th in Newton, MA.

Leadership:  As Master Health Coach and Registered Nurse for Choose Health at Sargent and Associates, I have extensive background in the design, implementation and evaluation of wellness programs.  I feel I have a strong ability to develop and maintain best-practice policies and procedures that improve outcomes.  As Master Health Coach managing 4 additional health coaches, I feel I have exceptional communication skills with ability to distill complex, medical information into an understandable format using a variety of teaching tools.  I am highly experienced in coordinating and conducting wellness programs and proud to have been a speaker for this year’s WWCMA Conference on what makes our health and wellness program so unique.

Innovation:  Working for a small company it can be difficult to engage the population as resistance to participate in programs may be encountered.  The same occurs in large organizations as employees are concerned about their privacy.  As a nurse and health coach I have found ways to make even the most difficult challenges become success stories.  Our company currently has a 100% participation rate in our wellness program.  Part of this success is related to my ability to listen to people, understand their resistance to participate and discover their interests.  As a health coach, my job is to incorporate these findings and discover new ways to inspire healthy lifestyles that will promote the best overall outcomes.

Compelling Vision:  As a Master Health Coach and Registered Nurse my future goals and the reason I believe I choose this career is to help change lives and improve health, one person at a time.  My most difficult challenge ahead will be to continue to provide effective results to prove importance and effectiveness of health and wellness programs. I am fortunate to work for a company where corporate leadership has a strong belief in health and wellness programs for our own company.  I look forward to future development, planning and implementing of future health and wellness programs that determine favorable outcomes based results while changing lives for the better.


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Speaking at the 2014 WWCMA Conference Cynthia Causbie, Project Manager and Joanne Sargent, RN/owner
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Melissa is so deserving of this recognition. It's not often you come across such a wonderfully talented blend of expertise, compassion and professionalism. Since knowing Melissa, I've gained renewed optimism for the next generation of wellness professionals. She inspires and leads by example and manages projects and people with fairness and genuine sincerity.

Denise T. on 11/04/2014

Melissa has a fantastic ability to bring out the best in the people that she works with. She devises creative, customized plans to help her clients achieve success.

Melissa B. on 10/24/2014

Melissa is a great health coach and manager. She is always upbeat and motivating people to do their best. She is flexible in her availability times and easy to talk to you. She is a great resource! Good luck Melissa!!

Jen v. on 10/23/2014

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