ENTRY FROM: The Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals

Nominee: Scott Weden

Slice of Life Steps to Get Healthy

HealthTrust is a non-profit, employee benefits pool devoted exclusively to serving more than 300 public-sector employers in New Hampshire. It is the largest public entity pool in the nation as ranked by Business Insurance magazine.
Benefits and Wellness Manager
20+ years
Provide service to more than 75,000 individuals

Scott is a Certified Police Officer and Firefighter. Scott was the Chief of Police for Holderness from 12/89 to 11/93. He is currently a volunteer Firefighter with Plymouth Fire Department. In November of 1993 Scott became the Manager for the Property-Liability Trust providing risk management to municipalities and schools. In 2003, Scott was asked to manage both the Property Liability Trust and the Health Promotion Department. This innovative endeavor has reduced the risks regarding health and safety throughout our membership. Scott was selected to attend the prestigious Leadership New Hampshire program and is a graduate of the Class of 2010.


Our #1 concern as a Public Health Pool is the rising cost of healthcare. Over the past 11 years Scott has transformed our Health & Wellness Program from O.K. to Awesome. In 2003 we offered Weight Watcher's and Gym Reimbursements. Today we provide a plethora of programs to more than 75,000 individuals. These programs have not only provided our schools and municipalities with a number of options to live healthy lifestyles, they have provided a marked decrease in health plan rates. Especially, over the last few years, where many of our members have received health rate decreases. 
Not only did Scott assist in the development and implementation of each of these programs, they are all incredibly successful. 

Culture Day is a concept where Scott along with other staff members will visit with each of our strategic partners every year to explain the culture of our membership. This concept has played an integral role encouraging our partners to provide the best possible service to our members. In addition, we have found that these partners take a special interest in going the extra mile.

Health & Safety Coordinator Academy began in 2011 and was developed using WELCOA's 7 Benchmarks. The goal of this certification program is to provide group leaders with the necessary knowledge and resources, which will enable them to guide their co-workers at their work site to become more aware of the issues that affect their health and safety both at work and at home. We also provide a $500 incentive to each attendee to utilize at their workplace to promote healthy behaviors. All of our HealthTrust trainers are members of WELCOA and are Certified Worksite Wellness Specialists or Certified Worksite Wellness Program Managers. To date we have trained 104 individuals and will add 30 more into our program every January. For those groups that have Health and Safety Coordinator Graduate their participation rates regarding health assessments are more than 15 % higher than those who do not have an Academy Graduate. In 2015 we will review the last 4 years to prove that Health Care rates have dropped at graduate sites compared to those groups who do not have Health and Safety Academy Graduates.

Biometrics Health Screening "Know Your Numbers' ... Get Rewarded! Campaign began in 2012 and has been a great success by providing individuals with the option to attend one of 40 biometric sites throughout New Hampshire. In order to be selected as a biometric site they must have a graduate from our Health and Safety Coordinator Academy or seek access through their Primary Care Physician. Over the last 3 years there have been 18,039 individuals that have taken advantage of this resource. In addition to knowing their numbers each individual received a $50 incentive. In 2014 we added access to dependents 18 years of age and older. So they too can have access to knowing their numbers making them more likely to take the steps necessary to improve their health.


Scott has not only changed his physical appearance by losing more than 100 pounds, his wife Chris has also lost more than 80 pounds. His positive and upbeat attitude has provided a "can do" spirit here at HealthTrust. He is a graduate of the Leadership New Hampshire Program and has all of the characteristics of a true leader such as Honesty, Forward-Looking, Competent, Inspiring, and Intelligent. Scott is the first to arrive each day and will not leave until the job is done. He greets everyone with a smile and a genuine concern for their well-being.  Scott manages the Health and Safety Team and Benefits Team. His focus is educating individuals on how to utilize their health plan efficiently and effectively, while providing a better understanding of Medical Self-Care and Medical Consumerism. Scott manages these teams because he provides a contagious determination and work ethic that he passes along to each and every co-worker. Everyone wants to work for Scott!


Smartshopper is an innovative program providing individuals with an incentive to be wise medical consumers by shopping for the lowest cost provider regarding preventive screenings, laboratory testing and minor surgical procedures. By shopping they will receive a financial incentive up to $500 for choosing the most cost effective option.

Single Sign-on is a concept of signing into one account that will provide access to a number of resources for our members such as: Completing their health assessment, reviewing their hospital bill, enrolling in a Slice of Life program or accessing their health coach.
Health Plan Designs, in order to provide the best possible product and services to our members a series of new health plan designs are being developed to increase medical consumerism and also provide health plans that will not exceed the looming cadillac tax to be instituted in 2018.

These programs are scheduled to release in January 2015.


Technology appears to be the biggest threat and also the biggest opportunity over the next five years. In the near future, our field advisors will be equipped with technologies that will allow them access to real time data. Many individuals here in New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state do not wish to have any of their personal information, especially their health information made available to anyone. This has not been an issue over the years because we have been successful protecting Personal Health Information. Another concern is eliminating access to those that do not wish to use technology based products. In addition our Slice of Life Population Health Management program will be completely paperless and online based in the very near future. 

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We are a partner with Healthtrust in their wellness, and the standard of excellence Scott and his team show to the health of their population is infectious! We love working with them and love how HT and Scott! The enthusiasm and sincerity in which they care for their members is so obvious! I have been impressed by Scott's commitment to health and wellness over the last year, and I'm happy to vote for him for this reward!

Admin H. on 11/21/2014

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