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I am currently a health coach, wellness consultant and business owner for C2 Your Health LLC. With the Juice Plus Company I hold the position of a Qualified National Marketing which is a top marketing position. C2 Your Health LLC and the Juice Plus Company are health and wellness companies. I have been in the health care field for 38 years as a registered nurse of which 14 years were in health promotion. Experience includes hospital administration, development of inpatient / outpatient health education programing and development of a complementary medicine healing center, health coaching and wellness consulting and community outreach wellness programing. C2 Your Health LLC employs approximately 25 seasonal / special event staff.
I began my health care career in 1976 with an Associate’s degree in science with a minor in nursing (RN) later adding a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. I quickly moved up the ranks to program development and hospital administration later starting my own business. I am a recognized expert author, achieved awards for best business practices and a sought out speaker on health promotion. The recognition that has been the most valuable has been the recognition by WELCOA – Certifications and Faculty Status. These have positively impacted my credibility within the wellness community and other experts in the field.

Cindy Cohen RN


The most successful program I have implemented is the partnership between the American Heart Association (AHA), Midwest Affiliate and C2 Your Health LLC which began in 2010.  My objective for this 12 week worksite health improvement program was to implement strategies to demonstrate health and well-being improvements.  The model I selected to use was the WELCOA 7 benchmarks.

We found that the best intervention was the participant centered coaching approach with a focus on healthy eating and increased activity during the work day.  We focused on strategies that worked while taking family interactions into consideration.  The weekly group coaching sessions increased accountability, engagement and fostered feelings of “we’re all in this together”.

The program outcomes for 2014 were similar to the previous 4 years.  I am proud to say the outcomes from this program exceed the 2012 RAND study which demonstrated 50% improvement in health status.  The following was our experience and results.

100% lowered blood pressure

84% lowered total cholesterol

98% body mass index

75% lowered, low density cholesterol (LDL, “bad”)

100% increased activity

89% lower percentage of body fat

100% developed successful exercise strategies

100%  continued with healthy lifestyle changes

100% developed a since of accomplishment

100% more aware of health lifestyle choices

100% feeling more alert, energized and productive

100% identified healthy foods, low sodium, high fiber, low and good fats

100% eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains

100% implemented lifestyle strategies to improve food choices

By the conclusion of the 12 weeks each of the four companies involved had begun to implement additional wellness activities such as increasing the availability of healthier food options, restricting unhealthy foods, offering health club discounts, encouraging fitness activities at work and increased community activities such as AHA Heart Walk, ACS Breast Cancer Walk.

Each year before the program began; a meeting was set between the AHA and the CEO of the organization participating in the program.  The 12 week program was modeled using the participant centered approach, an operating plan was designed based on each participant’s health and wellness needs utilizing group interaction to maximize support.  The program kick off included data collection before the program began to identify unidentified preexisting medical issues and educational needs.  Participants were assessed on a monthly basis, program adjustments were based upon coaching dynamics to maximize improvement and at the end of the 12 weeks data was recollected and reevaluated.  Over the 4 years the programs were customized to meet the needs of the employers and the workplace.  Employers also modified the workplace to support the program, including modifying work schedules, etc.  At the end of the 12 weeks outcomes were evaluated, plans and strategies were again adjusted based on participants’ needs, data was collected and reevaluated and the participants maintained an ongoing health improvement plan.


I set the example by living a visibly healthy lifestyle through participation in community health walks / runs along with providing free educational seminars on various health and wellness topics.  I encourage others to be ambassadors to healthy living and to share what they learn about how to be healthy with their friends and family. In 2012 I attended all WELCOA educational programing and certification and continue to participate on a monthly basis along with attending health and wellness conferences, workshops and seminars annually.  In the community I serve on several community leadership boards, participate in the community program development with AHA and developed a Healthy Business Award program to reward local business for their health promotion efforts with the Four Flags Chamber and the health department health promotion committee. To put it simply my best advice is to get certified, stay current and write a book.


The previous trending perceptions claimed that improved health in the workplace occurred over a series of years. Beginning in 2011 I developed a results oriented wellness programing template which received approval of the State of Indiana for the Indiana Small Business Tax Credit demonstrating a significant time reduction for sustained improvements in the workplace.  Small businesses were targeted for wellness programing. Use of weekly coaching group exposures vs less frequent individual exposure utilizing group dynamics / buddy system and accountability. Each company encouraged community health and wellness resources and participation such as walks, runs, and health fairs. Participants demonstrated improved health status, reduced sick time utilization and prescription and over the counter medications. Participants demonstrated behavior change by adding exercise into the work day and increasing availability and support for healthy food choices. Group coaching created a more supportive and cohesive environment around making healthier lifestyle changes.


The increased pressure for business to compete on a global scale presents both potential competitive challenges as well as the opportunities to sharpen the pencil on mounting healthcare costs. Over the next 5 years employers will need to take an even greater role in sickness prevention as people are spending more time on work related activities. As the health care environment continues to be out of balance and unpredictable employees too will need to accept and implement personal initiatives, taking personal responsibility for wellness and prevention. Moving forward employers and employees will need to collaborate for improved health outcomes and company cost reduction creating not only healthy employees and their families but a healthy viable business.  


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Cindy Cohen RN
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Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA has 40 years experience in health care from the bedside to CEO. As a wellness consultant, certified health coach, Cohen is the guiding force behind C2 Your Health LLC and an industry leader helping companies find wellness solutions to fit their specific culture with an injection of fun focusing on employee engagement. Cohen is a sought after national speaker and an accomplished author. Since 2002 Cohen has been promoting community events, workplace initiatives and grass roots wellness seminars. In 2015 she received recognition by Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of the City of South Bend for her wellness contribution to the community. View Cindy C.'s Profile.
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